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These pages have been designed to help you get even more out of your web site. We've assembled a range of QuickGuides to show you how to further enhance your pages with additional features like Flash, Music and Message Boards.

We've drawn on our vast experience to put together some suggestions of what you might find useful to add to your page. If you would like to send us your ideas for another Quick Guide you would like to see added, please use the email form on the 'Contact Us' page to submit them to a customer support representative.

ZyWeb FAQs - get answers for the most frequently asked general and technical questions that our customer support representatives receive.
Contact Us - If you can't find the answer then you can contact us from this page. 

Web Success Guide - 10 hot tips to consider when creating a website that will ensure you get the best out of both ZyWeb and your site's creation.
Web Photos - A guide to how photos should be optimized and treated for the web.

Search Engines - Maximise on the promotion of your website. 

Photo Gallery - With ZyWeb you can create effective photo galleries in minutes.

PayPal Buy It Now - Learn how to effectively place PayPal "Buy It Now" buttons into your ZyWeb site for full e-commerce integration. 
PayPal Shopping Cart - Learn how to effectively place PayPal "Shopping Cart" buttons into your ZyWeb site for full e-commerce integration.

Presenter Pack Pro - If you want to add a presenter to introduce your site and attract your visitors, adding Presenter Pack Pro is the unique solution.
Add Your Own HTML - If you want to expand your website outside the regular abilities of ZyWeb and use HTML code, check here for information on how to add HTML to your pages.
Add Flash Files - Learn how to add Flash files created in Macromedia Flash or Swish to your web pages.
Message Boards/Forum - Learn how to insert a message board or forum into your site for visitor interactivity and discussion.
Add Music/Sound - Learn how to add background music or sound effects to your pages.
Add A Poll - Learn how to add a poll or quiz to your website for visitors to participate in. 
Add A Guestbook - Learn how to add a guestbook to your website for visitors to comment in.
Insert PDF Files - Learn how to upload and publish your Adobe Acrobat files.
Use Tables - Learn how to create an effective table within ZyWeb.

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