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Looking for a murder mystery script?  You've come to the right place!  Our murder mystery scripts have become popular with theater companies, used as church and school fundraisers and performed by community clubs, too!  When you buy one of our murder mystery script packages you will receive all the instruction you need to produce a succesful show, as well as royalties for ten performances.  Scroll down to learn more.
And remember, buy 2 and get 1 free!  That's right, buy two scripts and get a third one free!!
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 Murder Mysteries Murder Mystery Scripts Package Mystery dinner theater Script Packages Visa Mastercard accepted free samples

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What People Are Saying about Our Murder Mystery Scripts.....

We bought one of your murder mystery scripts.  We were blown away, not only by the script, but by all the additional information given to help us produce our first show like this.  Thank you Lakeside!  Jim, The Little Theater of Riverside, Riverside Oklahoma  

Hey Tony and Marylou!   Our opening night was last night.  Omigosh!!!!  It was a huge success!!!  We had 118 people in the audience.  We've been extended into August and our general manager has asked to continue on with the next show! 
Your production packet was phenomenal and everything worked like clockwork.  I can sum up last night's experience in one word....PARTY!!!!  This is just the kind of entertainment that is needed in these tough economic times.  A breather from a hard day's work and it was a Wednesday night!  THANK YOU TONY! and MARYLOU!!   THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME LOOK GOOD TO THE GENERAL MANAGER!!!!!!  
                                                     Barbara and Mel Cochran

Hey Tony and Marylou!
   We just finished our first weekend of performances. The show went very well!  We haven't done Dinner Theater in Mount Vernon for about five years, so we weren't sure what to expect. We had a possible 192 tickets for the two days (96 per night) and we sold 128. The crowds were good.  We are sold out for the upcoming weekend, so that will be very interesting! 
  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help, suggestions, pictures, etc. You really helped me make this show a success 
                                                              Thanks again!    Ira Mowery

Original Lakeside Players

 Murder Mysteries Murder Mystery Scripts Package Mystery dinner theater Script Packages Visa Mastercard accepted free samples

Murder Mystery Scripts

 Interested in performing a murder mystery?  You've come to the right place!  Murder mysteries are not only fun to perform, they're beneficial, too. Our murder mystery scripts come as murder mystery script packages with all the instruction you will need to produce a great show.  And our script packages are a great way to give a novice actor confidence by performing in front of a live audience. With just a few rehearsals and limited lines to memorize, these shows are almost like acting workshops for beginners and seasoned veterans alike. They're also a great way to make some some quick cash for your theater company!  Forget about bake sales!  Host a murder mystery and raise the funds you need for that next stage show.

Explore our selections below.  You will also find you can email us for free script samples.  And remember, we accept, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.  We also accept checks and money orders.

And why not capitalize on our Buy 2, Get 1 Free offer!

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  What do we get?  How much?

Good Questions!  Glad you asked.
Here's what you get!

Each package contains a CD-R disc that contains:  (DVD-R discs available upon request)
   * FAQ's about our audience-participation murder mysteries
   * 1 complete murder mystery script in Microsoft Word format
   * Any graphics in jpeg or pdf format related to the individual package
   * Suggested script for master of ceremonies
   * Production Notes (properties, costumes, music, lighting effects, helpful hints)
   * Basic floor plan, including set construction directions (for some shows)
   * Sample news release
   * Online Technical Help
   * And more!

And here's how much...

Sounds like a lot of money?  Hear us out...

Say you ordered a play from somewhere else, and they charged you $35.00/show for royalties. Then there's the $6.00/copy for scripts you'll need for every cast member. Maybe you have eight cast members in the show.  That's another $48.00. You're up to $83.00 already!  And what if you want to do more than one night? Say you want to do three performances. At $35.00/ performance that would be $105.00, plus the scripts--bringing the total cost up to $153.00!

For the one time fee of $75.00, you get the rights to perform up to ten performances.  No additional royalty fees And you get a copy of the script in Microsoft Word and permission to print or photocopy as many copies as you need for each cast member. No downloading!  Cast members are notorious for losing script copies.  No problem.  Just print out another one!  You can also contact us via email or phone with any production questions. Plus, you get everything else listed above, and more!

Sound good?
You bet it is!  Look through our titles below.  Then, select the one you want and you're on your way to hosting your first murder mystery dinner theater event!  Not only that, you'll discover it's a fantastic way to raise funds for your group while giving your actors a different kind of acting experience.

But wait!  There's more!!
Buy two script packages and get a third one free!
That's right, buy 2, get 1 free!
That's a savings of $75.00!!!
Here's how it works.  Purchase any two scripts and proceed to checkout.  In the final step of checkout will be a comment box saying, "Special Instructions for Seller".  In the comment box just tell us the title of your third choice and we'll send it to you free with your other two choices!


Review the titles below.  If you see a title you like, click on it to learn more about that show.
All materials are the copyrighted property of Tony Schwartz and Marylou Ambrose

Check em Out!


Join Madame Zelda Von Schpookum
for a little bit of ghost hunting at
the Moldering Pines Inn!


To learn more about
"Polter-Heist", click here.

Murder At the Tonylou Awards

This show spoofs The Oscars, The Golden Globes, the Tony Awards, and the sometimes cut-throat business of entertainment.

To learn more about
"Murder At the Tonylou Awards", Click here.
Eat, Drink and Be Murdered!

New to our list of shows!
Our Irish version of "The Hatfields and the McKoys",
all revolving around a birthday party and a secret whiskey recipe!


To learn more about "Eat, Drink and Be Murdered"
Click Here!

The Case of the Malted Falcon

This show is the first in a series we'll be writing around our character, "Sam Club, Private Eye".  Follow Sam and his assistant, Velma Vavoomski, as they attempt to solve "The Case of the Malted Falcon, the disappearance of a famous chocolate sculpture!  To learn more about "The Case of the Malted Falcon", Click Here.

The Case of the Motorcoach Murders

In this second of a series of Sam Club Mysteries, bumbling private eye, Sam Club, takes a motorcoach trip with his mother and her senior group. What should have been a vacation after solving the case of the malted falcon turns into hilarious chaos as Sam finds himself surrounded by fiesty seniors and murder!
To learn more about "The Case of the Motorcoach Murders", Click Here.

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Trouble At The Tropicabana!
Our "I Love Lucy" spoof and one
of our biggest crowd pleasers ever!


To learn more about
"Trouble at the Tropicabana", click here

Murder On the Oriental Rug
This show spoofs Agatha Christie mysteries and menopause at the same time!  Set at a secret clinic where middle aged women go for treatments for their hot flashes, things heat up when one woman during treatment spontaniously combusts!
To learn more about
"Murder On The Oriental Rug", click here.

Dealt A Deadly Hand
This show pokes fun at Senior Citizens addicted to casino gambling, the movie Casablanca, native Americans owning many of the casinos these days and Catholic school girls!  Not many stones left unturned in this hilarious show!
To learn more about 
"Dealt A Deadly Hand", click here.
Fishin for Trouble

Does the Pirate Pete's Frozen Fish Sticks Corp. have anything to do with the Earth's whale population nearing total extinction?  And if so, what would he and his band of fishermen do to stop anyone from finding out?  Perhaps murder........

Homicide for the Holidays

This is our Christmas version of "Fishin' for Trouble" and is included in the script package when you purchase the "Fishin' for Trouble" script package!
To learn more about "Fishin for Trouble" and "Homicide for the Holidays", Click Here.

Murder On the Lust Boat

Hilarious highjinx on the high seas!
Stay tuned........... 
Welcome aboard The Lust Boat, a cruise ship where couples are supposed to come and rekindle the relationships. But all is not as it seems. Join the zany crew and wacky passengers as they set sail on a sea of love, lust and murder!

To learn more about "Murder on the Lust Boat",

 Click Here. 



Want to write your own murder mystery?

Download our new E-book, "So, You Want to Write a Murder Mystery Show...."!  Our new book, which will come to you in .pdf format, will get you started in writing your very own show.  Click here for details!

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