As with many other breeds, Dalmatians have been recognised as susceptible to the following health problems.


Happy, Healthy Dalmatians

DEAFNESS is the main problem with this breed
(although over 30 other breeds suffer also)
KIDNEY/URATE STONE FORMATION is specific to this breed
(although many Dalmatians will not suffer from it and preventions are known)
OTHER health problems are listed below,
that may arise in the breed (but not in large numbers)
It is important as a new puppy buyer to be AWARE of any health issues.
 Make sure your breeder has endeavored to either test sire and dam free from any problems
or to be at least aware of any problems/risks that may be present in the pedigree.
A Dalmatian can live for up to 15yrs, so when choosing a puppy that will be part of your family for that long, it only makes sense to ensure your puppy has the very best possible chance of living a long and healthy life.
It has been said that mongrels/crossbreeds are healthier than a pedigree dog as they are not so closely bred.
However, each individual pedigree breed has had breeders and breed enthusiasts
 working tirelessly through the years to identify and try to eliminate these problems.
In pedigree breeds we are able to be more aware of these problems as pedigrees are known and problems highlighted. This is certainly the case with the Dalmatian.
In general the Dalmatian is quite a healthy breed. They seem to suffer from less problems than many other breeds.
Let's hope, with continuous, sensible breeding that this will always be the case.
Sensible, caring breeders will try to eliminate as many risks as they possibly can.
Please use the links below, to see details and more information about each health problem. 



Hip Displaysia


General Health Advice


Kidney/Urate stones





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