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o ur essential purpose at  Alexandria Temple is ministering to Wiccans/pagans in prison and jails, and to their families. We are a Wiccan/pagan  501(c)(3) "daughter"  of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church (ATC) of Index,WA. We also provide information about the Wiccan path to officials in Corrections systems (city, county, state and Federal) and assist them in addressing the spiritual needs of Wiccans (and Pagans) in their custody. (Corrections personnel, please see our outline for assessing inmates' spiritual needs: *Heartwood*.)

The Temple provides in-person (Colorado only) and correspondance (anywhere) spiritual support to incarcerated Wiccans/pagans. (If you are interested in ministry, mentoring, or after-care programs in your local area, please e-mail or write us for suggestions and/or regional contacts.) We provide books and information to prison/chapel libraries, chaplains, programs managers and other corrections staff. (Visit the "reading lists" page for books suggested to both staff and inmates.) Currently available are: pre-parole counseling and a limited community re-integration/after-care program (mostly in the metro-Denver and Front Range areas), please write our PO Box (see below) for more information. ATUM-ATC currently provides two Wiccan Chaplains (Statewide) & (un-paid) and eight faith-group volunteers to CDOC. We also provide four volunteer Chaplains to Jefferson County Detention Center and two faith group volunteers to BOP facilities in Colorado.

Any support (spiritual, material, physical & fiscal) is greatly appreciated. We may be reached at: (see the "e-mail ATUM button" on this page) and/or PO Box 140177, Edgewater,CO 80214. (These addresses are also for our educational adjunct, the Alexandria Academy/U.M.; the Alexandria in our name being an homage to the great library/museum that existed in Alexandria, Egypt during Classical times.See AAUM button for link to site.) The PO Box # may also be given out to offenders/families seeking spiritual support.

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