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N o rubbish - straight to business. This site was first set up to provide the questions and answers to "222 more", an eighties music lyrics quiz that I compiled and did the rounds by email. After many requests, I have now added another 222 questions to the site, numbered 223 to 444 on the questions page.

For those unfamiliar with the rules, two sets of 222 lyric lines are provided, all from music 1980-1989. There is no duplication of artists within each set of 222 (although individuals may appear more than once under different guises, and some artists appear in both sets). Also, there is no duplication of tracks from the original 222 in circulation several years ago, and which I did not compile (although some artists appear again). The order of the questions is entirely random. Sometimes embarrassingly, there is one further fact common to all 444 set by me. Song title and artist required.

If you're coming across this for the first time, try not to look at the answers too soon. Submission of answers/comments/queries by email please - use the email button below. I am posting the answers on the answers pages as I get them, so please don't submit emails begging me to forward the answers to you!

Please note that the new url for this website is now and the old url of is no longer working.

And if you want to see the original 222, check out Driko's 80s music site.

The questions
Answers 1 to 222
Answers 223 to 444

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