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Albion, Vol. 11, Issue 1: Spring 2014

10th Anniversary Edition

Table of Contents

       The Marvellous in the Ordinary: A Conversation with Iain Sinclair

       Approaches to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: A Comparison

       Is There an English National Costume? Six Possible Contenders



        Alan Powers' Eric Ravilious: Artist and Designer

        Uproar! The First 50 Years of the London Group 1913-1963, Exhibition and Catalogue Review

        Mary Rose Beaumont, Jane England and John Mack's 'From There to Here': The Art of Michael Buhler

           Andrew Causey's Stanley Spencer: Art as a Mirror of Himself


Malcolm Chase's 1820: Disorder and Stability in the United Kingdom
         H V Morton's What I Saw in the Slums

         Alan Johnson's This Boy

         We Did Not Fight: 1914-18 Experiences of War Resisters, ed. Julian Bell

         Huntly Gordon's The Unreturning Army


         The Big Melt

         Epic of Everest


         Folk and Rock Reviews (Frank Turner, Oliver Wakeman, Galahad, etc) 

            Classical Reviews (Handel, Moeran, Elgar, etc)


Mission Statement

Albion Magazine Online is a public service, not-for-profit biannual web-based magazine dedicated to exploring English culture and identity from a liberal, inclusive perspective.  A magazine for modern English people regardless of age, ethnic background, region, class etc, it seeks to investigate and celebrate the positive aspects of Englishness and English culture without ignoring areas that need improvement.  With coverage of topics that are often neglected in the mainstream media, Albion brings a holistic approach to Englishness and the place of the English person in today's world.

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Our next edition will be published in Autumn 2014.





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