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In the best interest of the future health & welfare of the Dalmatian We have imported 2 Dalmatians from the US BACKCROSS PROJECT  LUA Dalmatian 
(now in its 14th generation Down) in order to restore the normal gene to the breed.


TELE...01341 280805
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For People who care about investment put into the future health of Dalmatians
Not just the here and now!

The only responsable way to buy puppies is from HEALTH TESTED parents! See this KC program below, it shows LUA Dalmatian (me and Fiona)!
 Click here to see the KC's A Healthy Future!


Two Low Uric Acid Litters are planned for this year from LUA breedersplease ring for details



I prefer contact by telephone rather than email when enquiring about our puppies,
this I feel helps both you & I to be sure our puppies are the ones for you....01341 280805

Puppies are 800 to approved owners

You will find it hard to get a puppy ANYWHERE with parents that have this much health testing!

Ensuring a Future of Healthy Dogs & Puppies

  "The breeding of puppies is not something we do lightly, we put in a great deal of forethought, planning, care and
not to mention great expense.
Tyrodal is dedicated and committed to breeding healthy Dalmatians.
We will ALWAYS do health test's that new sciences provide, no matter what the cost! 
Presently we BAER hearing test, KC/BVA Hip & Elbow score DNA test for the Normal Uric Acid Gene. Tyrodal is the pioneer
of introducing the gene for Normal Uric Acid (a Dalmatian breed specific health problem) into the UK. We will no longer use an outside stud dog that is not hip & elbow scored! There is no point in only one parent being tested.
We would not use a stud that is not hearing tested so feel strongly that any stud we use should come up to our own high standards, even if this means paying for the testing our selves!

We NEVER breed a litter just because we can! (we think enough breeders are doing that already)! 
We try to maintain in our own line what we think the great breeders of the past strived so hard to maintain in theirs, strong bone, tight feet, powerful long striding movement, wide thighs for correct muscle development, all features that are of paramount importance to a roadgoing dog and not forgetting the wonderful Dalmatian temperament!



Tyrodal is a long established breeding line with 40 years of selective, informed & knowledgeable breeding decisions - We know or have met almost ALL the dogs in our pedigrees. And VERY importantly, we DO NOT breed just for the showring! There is a lot more to Dalmatians than showing!! I have read critics that have stated...good shoulders - when they have been too straight - I have read, good movement when there as been NO extension or drive - I have read well muscled & thought where? I have seen champions with ALL the above faults & worse!
The title of champion means little on paper unless you know the dog fits your own interpretation of the standard!  Correct physique is even more of a priority in a working dog, we are not prepared to leave that decision to a show judge. We have had 7 show champions and 2 working champions - but, the best we have bred by far! for conformation & correct movement with excellent bone & shoulder placement & yet still measures in at a fraction under 24inches at the withers!  is ..Kracker Jack & he is not a champion!

We think that a "Tyrodal Puppy" is something very special, and finding the perfect home for each one is our only priority. You will be making a 12 to 16 year commitment, and your decision to purchase a pup should be very carefully considered.

What do we expect from you?  First and foremost, a loving caring home -- a home where the Dalmatian will be a part of the family.  We will be asking a lot of questions.  Why do you want a puppy in general, and a Dalmatian in particular?  Do you have a fenced yard?  How Large?  Do you have children living at home?  How many, and what ages?  Have you had dogs before?  What breeds?  Where will your dog sleep at night? Where will he be during the day when you are at home, and when you are not home?  What are your family's major hobbies?

What can you expect from us?
First and foremost, a healthy, home reared, well-bred puppy that will have come from health tested parents KC/BVA hip & elbow scored, BAER hearing tested & that we hope will share the wonderful temperament and qualities of his parents.   All of our puppies are fully wormed, reared on REAL food (not dog food) are temperament tested, are BAER hearing tested, are microchipped,carry endorsements,
insured and may have had their first shot.  Each puppy has been seen by a veterinarian twice before he departs to his new home. 

We will always be available to answer questions and give advice as long as you own the dog. You will be expected to sign a contract stating that should you for what ever reason have to part with our puppy, that he is returned to us!  If you have purchased a show potential puppy, we will be available to mentor you for your Dalmatians show career, and we will provide advice and guidance if you decide to breed your quality Dalmatian.  WE WILL WANT TO STAY IN TOUCH.

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