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W elcome to "Encouraging Words!" When I searched the Web for sites that offered biblical encouragement to Christian singles, I was saddened to see that almost all of the sites were related to dating and finding a mate. You will not find those things here because this site is dedicated to Christian singles who believe they are called to this special life and desire to know Christ better, walk in His ways, and receive encouragement and teaching to help them do so.

God has called many of His people to singleness, even if only for a portion of their lives, but few understand the great honor it is to serve the Lord in this way. Marriage is blessed and ordained by God, but the single life is just as valid and allows people to commit all of their energy to serving Him. Unmarried Christians have an incredible opportunity to impact this world with the Gospel as we have seen over and over throughout history.

Many singles make the mistake of putting their lives on hold until they marry and "get a real life." This idea is detrimental to unmarried Christians and the Church. If every Christian single dedicated himself or herself to the Lord, lived life fully, recognized their extraordinary value, and used all of their talents and opportunities to serve, there would be almost no need left in churches and ministries, and the entire world could be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Singles need to stop believing the "I am missing something" lie and accept the call to obey and serve God with their whole heart, mind, and strength. Marriage may or may not be a part of God's plan for you so it is time to live the life you have now and trust God for the rest.

The Church as a whole needs to do a better job of recognizing and appreciating the rich resources God has provided through the lives of single believers. Often, church programs and ministries focus almost entirely on the family which can leave singles feeling ignored, unimportant, and unwanted. God can work through all believers who walk in obedience to him - married or single - so churches should do their best to include people in all stages of their lives in ministries and activities.

Christians need to remember that marriage does not make a person whole, only accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior brings wholeness. Sadly though, many Christian singles feel pressured, even from other Christians, to seek a mate rather than to seek the the will of God for their lives. This pressure often causes confusion for the person who is called by God to the single life, and that confusion sometimes leads to wrong decisions. Christians can be called to singleness permanantly or temporarily but in either case, we must dedicate our lives to serving the Lord and walking in obedience to Him - regardless of our marital state.


When I sought the Lord for a message for my single brothers and sisters, He prompted me to dedicate an entire page of this site to sexual purity. This world has become obsessed with sex and we are all paying the price through the explosion of sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, rape, pornography, unwanted pregnancies, abortion, etc. Sexual sin is even wreaking havoc and misery among God's people. Please read the message on sexual purity if this is an area of concern for you or someone you know.

I hope you will visit this site regularly to be encouraged and strengthened by each new message relating to Godly living and singleness. We will explore various issues relating to the single life and I hope you will be encouraged in your Christian walk. If you enjoy your time here, please recommend this site to a friend or let me know if you would like to add a link to it on your site.

May God bless you as we seek Him together for His direction and may He fill you with His peace, love, wisdom and joy.